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SHARK - Mako, Threasher, Blue, Brown
(June - November)
Full Day $1600
*we had Thresher's to 300 pounds last year and landed over 10 mako's

Shark/TUNA- Mako's and Bluefin tuna
(June - October)
$2200Up to 40 Miles offshore
*This was one of our most popular and
productve  trips the last few years

TUNA- Yellowfin, Mahi, Albacore, Bluefin
(June - October)
$2000 Up to 40 Miles offshore

TUNA- Yellowfin, Mahi, Albacore, Bigeye
(June - October)
$2850 Canyon Day Troll

TUNA- Yellowfin, Mahi, Albacore, Bigeye, Swordfish
(June - October)
$3900 Canyon Overnight Troll/Chunk

*Last year we had Yellowfin tuna, albacore, bigeye
tuna, marlin, mahi and swordfish

BOTTOM FISHING - Sea Bass, fluke, Stripers, Bluefish
(April - November)
Half Day- $750    3/4 Day $1100    Full Day- $1250

Bait included
--Live Bait Is Extra--
*fuel surcharges may apply!
Call for Custom Cruises or Custom Fishing Trips!

*Offshore Fuel Surcharge -
All prices are based on fuel at $3.50/gallon. If on the day of your trip the price of diesel at the pump on our dock is over $4.00 but less than $4.50 a $250 fuel surcharge will be added to the price of your trip. If fuel is $4.51 - $4.99 on the day of your trip a $400 fuel surcharge will be added to the price of your trip.  If fuel is $5.00 or more on the day of your trip a $550 fuel surcharge will be added to the price of your trip.*

**Inshore Fuel Surcharge -
For inshore 1/2 day trips a $75 fee for prices between $4.50 and $5:50/GAL

Inshore FULL DAY day trips a $100 fee for prices between $4.50 and $5:50/GAL if prices continue to rise above $5.50/GAL an additional charge may apply based on fuel pricing on the day of your trip

We use the fuel prices from Oakland's Marina in Hampton Bays, NY

Rates subject to change anytime prior to your booking so book early.

E-MAIL or text for Custom cruises or extended fishing trips!

(50% deposit is required to book.  Deposit can be returned if canceled 30 days prior to scheduled date.  Can be used toward another trip during the same season  -

Tipping is mandatory our mates work hard to put a catch together for our customers, 15-20% tip is customary or the mate/mates)

Book multiple trips and ask for our discounts!

Available for LI Tournaments!
*Call now for the best dates.

Please Advise Us Of Any Medications You Are Taking or any medical concerns!