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Here at Gusto IV Charters we also provide services for your boat.  Call Brian with any questions or for some advise and up to date fishing reports.


Open boat educational trips- We are offering open boat charters again this year and we will even teach you techniques on all offshore fishing.  We specialize in canyon over-nighters and do a lot of shark fishing.  Here at Gusto IV we practice tag and release but we do understand that this is an expensive endeavor and do our best to make sure you have enough food for you and your families.  It is your boat for the day and we will keep what you want within the legal limits.

Fish on your boat- Instead of chartering a boat we can fish with you for a fraction of the price.  We can use your gear or bring ours.  We can help you with some of the finer points or show you what you need to look for.

Professional services- We can help you set your boat up for tournament fishing and go out and show you the ropes.  We can show you how to set up your rods, tie knots, rig baits and lures.  Some of our proven techniques could help you land that trophy fish.  We can also provide you with purchases by giving you pros and cons on different equipment.  We also specialize in boat rigging.  Don’t have the time to re-rig your outriggers, we do!  No time to re-spool you reels we can take care of that.  Want to refresh your lure rigging, or making shark rigs just give us a ring.  We are also available for mating for tournaments.  

I know a lot of the crews in out area don't live near by or work full time, we can arrange for boat cleaning as well as prepping the boat  for your next trip to the edge.  Need reels re-spooled during the week or something fixed on the boat, we can help.  We specialize in getting your boat tournament ready, we can stock the cooler, order sandwiches and have your bait packed.

We offer reasonable rates and guaranteed results!

Contact us for pricing and open boat trips.

Brian 917-743-4763

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We are located on Dune Rd           
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   at Shinnecock Inlet 

Brian 917-743-4763 

We are now tied up at  
       "Sunday's By the Bay"         
      sister restaurant to         
      Oakland's, behind the         
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     of the middle dock